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Our Law Firm has been named after Gabriel Macchiavello to pay homage to his prestigious career and his unwavering commitment to work; it is our purpose to further his legacy in Environmental Law and continue to support his clients with excellent advice.

About Us

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Environmental Law Attorneys

Estudio Gabriel Macchiavello specializes in Environmental Law, with focus on Industrial and Corporate needs. Our staff, highly experienced in the matter, provides both international and domestic corporations with advice on Technical Environmental standards and regulations. Every operation, counsel, administrative or judicial defense will encompass a comprehensive view of the Legal System to help enjoy all the rights and guarantees set forth in our Constitution, i.e. sustainable development, engaging in a lawful activity, private property, reasonability of regulations, nulla pena sine lege, or the right to a defense.

With that in mind, we have designated an area to provide comprehensive advice on Safety & Hygiene, Regulatory and Environmental Law. This team of Lawyers provide their insight for the correct interpretation and application of existing laws, and help obtain permits and authorizations, conduct and perform compliance audits and matrices. We support our clients in daily management issues, industrial facilities’ inspections, punitive procedures, lifting closures, environmental due-diligences. We also offer counsel in complex remediation processes, and help our clients through authorization processes. This area is in charge of the Environmental Matrix Management System (SIGEMA for its Spanish Acronym), a tool that helps corporations check the compliance of their Environmental and Safety & Hygiene regulatory obligations.

The Environmental Litigation and Enforcement Area of our firm is a team of Lawyers who have developed a special aptitude over the years to face toxic torts of far-ranging complexity in civil, criminal and administrative cases filed by Industrial facilities’ neighbors, NGOs or enforcement agencies. With broad experience in legal and administrative cases on environmental damage cessation and redress, fines and closures as consequence of the precautionary and preventive principle, the Law of Minimum Standards for Environmental Protection, hazardous wastes or environmental regulations on industrial effluents or air emissions, this area supports our clients with the aim put in avoiding or mitigating these conflicts, or handling them within reason, and defending their constitutional rights and guarantees.

The firm also has a sector of Related Practice Areas involved in the negotiation of agreements, partnerships, real estate, and other contract matters with environmental issues, such as the purchase of industrial facilities with environmental liabilities or the sale of corporations with industrial activities.

These three areas, with lawyers fully and exclusively dedicated to the practice of Environmental Law and related matters, cover all of our clients’ advisory needs in the development of strategies to avoid environmental conflict, and in the design and implementation of appropriate environmental management systems. 

The firm also relies on professionals from other disciplines for technical advice and support in complex matters that exceed the regulatory framework.

Our staff works in coordination with other law firms, either corporate, criminal or general litigation specialists, to offer our expertise in the matter, and always with our clients’ best interest in mind.

Risk and contingency assessment in connection with environmental issues.

Preparation of compliance audits.

Advice on regulatory, environmental and Safety & Hygiene matters to prevent liability.

Assistance in contract issues with suppliers and third parties, purchase-sales operations and real estate projects.

Advice on pollution cessation procedures and closure lifts.

Representation in environmental inspections, and defense.

Representation and defense of our clients in toxic tort class actions, remediation, cease of pollution, and civil liability for pollution.

Advice to public or private institutions, domestic or international, on environmental management and legislation.

Advice on Purchase-Sale operations of industrial facilities with environmental liabilities, and drafting of environmental conventions.

Design of compliance matrices and standards’ updates with regard to your company's activities and products.

Design of strategies aimed at avoiding environmental conflicts, from legal, technical and scientific perspectives.

Advice on environmental insurance and coverage for compliance, or other related coverages.

Advice and assistance in obtaining project approvals, permits, certificates and authorizations from different municipal, provincial and federal agencies.